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How To

reating a game database

You can first build your own games database by getting games files in XOF, PGN or GGF formats from othbase.net, Kurnik, VOG, GGS and Yahoo! Japan (for this last one you need to use Uniyma).

To create a database from such a game file, you can:

  1. open the file with File->Open. A new database is automatically created
  2. create a blanck database with Database->New and import the game file with Database->Import.

You will see a quick progression bar dialog showing the game file loading. Please note that you can open as many games files as you want (depending on your available OS memory) :  OthBase will merge all the games in memory and suppress duplicate games.

You can also get a Thor compliant database from the FFO. You need first to create a directory on your hard disk and drop into it the following database files in the unzipped format:

Then just open the database thru  "Database -> Open" menu and select the directory containing the Thor database files.

Another possible way is to synchronize the database thru "Database -> Synchronize" menu and the full FFO database will be downloaded from the FTP server which properties have been defined into the Options (threre are some default values set to ftp://fngo:othello@ftp.fngo.it/database/winthor/ ). Please note that it is the best way to get the latest FFO database. You can of course use this option to get the FFO database the very first time and then synchronize whenever you want.

You can open a Thor Database directory thru "DataBase -> Open" menu. A dialog is asking for the directory containing all Database files (see step 4). Select the directory into the file browser and clic on "Select".

Open Database

You should have then a quick progression bar dialog showing the Database loading and games will be merged in the current opened database if needed or a new database will be created.

If you want to save you work, you can export the memory database to a XOF file with Database->Export To menu. You will just need to choose a directory and give a file name. You can then close your XOF database and reopen it whenever you want.

Use and browse your database

After loading a game database, clic on the Othello board for entering the moves. You should see the game list and their statistics updated. You can see which openings have been played by strong players and according Win/Loss statistics (real and computed endgames only for FFO databases).

You can also search for a specific player or tournament with Search->Set Filter. When defining a filter and enabling it, all the statistics will be recomputed. Database export to XOF file take the filter into account.

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