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This page is focused at first for developers but can be an interesting read for OthBase users. XOF is the XML Othello® game file Format used into OthBase as the primary supported file format for games databases.

The purpose of this new format is:
To meet those objectives, only XML is currently suitable. For the first objective, I have decided to release the XOF file format under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Check the License page on GNU.org.

A grammar has been defined to help developers read and write XOF games database. The following table gives the DTD for current version.

May 2004
DTD for version v1.0.4

You can get some sample XOF databases here.

As the format is easily extensible, you are welcome to improve the grammar/DTD and as it is released on LGPL license, please notify me when you want to do it so that I can update the current DTD.

If any question about the XOF format, please contact xof (at) othbase.net.

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