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Download and install

Step 1 - Install Java

For running OthBase you need to install and use a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.0.

You can find a JRE at http://java.sun.com .

Please download the corresponding JRE for your platform/OS and use JRE 6.0 or any subsequent update version (6.0 Update 1, Update 2...Update 11).

Step 2
- Install OthBase thru Java Web Start

Please consider to buy OthBase Basic Edition or Standard Edition or Pro Edition for supporting its development.

Look at the features matrix for understanding the differences between all the editions.

The current installation will only activate the Basic Edition in evaluation mode for 15 days and "in-memory" databases will be restricted to 128 games maximum.
Clic on the following image/link to start a J
ava Web Start automatic install & update:

install OthBase

Note that you can also copy the previous url link anywhere you want to be able to launch OthBase.

Step 3 - Have fun with OthBase

You can report any bug or feature request.

Thank you for downloading and using OthBase.

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